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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Previously in "The Relics!"

It's been awhile since the last update, so I thought I should include a brief summary to refresh your memory in case you don't want to re-read the last two chapters.

Previously in The Relics—

While working on a janky version of the Loman machine, Harmony and Bryan got trapped in a tachyonic field and ended up kind of bonding.

Joshua thought they were lost for good and kind of flipped out, but his work was not for nought, and soon the two were home.

Harmony was more eager to finish the project than ever, while Joshua was convinced that it had become too dangerous to continue. He reluctantly conceded that the information needed to finish the machine was contained in Loman scrolls in the possession of Roberto Alvarado, a former colleague with whom he was no longer on speaking terms.

That night, Harmony and Bryan talked about their experience in the tachyon void and realized their strengthened attraction to one another. They started to make out, but Bryan balked at going any further in his childhood friend Rachel's bed.

Harmony suggested they instead continue in the void.

The next day, Bryan and Harmony went to Roberto's house on a goofy pretext, and Harmony attempted to coax Roberto into turning over the scrolls.

After telling her a perplexing Loman myth and giving a cryptic warning, he handed over the complete translated set.

And now...

Chapter 10!

Part 10a of The Relics!

Hey, I'm back! We have a lot to talk about!

Part 10a of The Relics is now online!

Be warned that it contains (spoiler alert) implied sexual activity and brief nudity...like HBO, but free on the internet!

I realize it's been awhile since the last update, so here's a quick summary of Parts 8 and 9 to get you back up to speed.


"Why 10a?" you ask?

Basically, I realized that Part 10 is going to be incredibly long, so I decided I have to split it in half. I was trying to blaze through the whole thing, but the update's already late enough that I've gotten some perturbed emails/comments, so I figured it was best to give y'all something to check it out. 10b will be up in about a month.

Sure, I could've just added another chapter, but aside from the hassle of redesigning the website, I like the act breaks where they are, and I think in the long run this will make more sense.

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