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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In the last two weeks, I got a swanky new video job, got a really cool paid cartooning gig, got my car stolen, and am in the middle of a big fight with our slumlord landlord. Overall, it could be worse, and soon I will be moving into a cool house!

But right now everything is crazy. I'm drawing every day, and I'm especially into this page I'm finishing up now. But I have a few more to do, and my schedule is violently unpredictable.

I value your readership so so much and I wish I could give you a good date to say the new update will be up, but my life is pretty all of the place right now, and all I can say is--soon. In August. Maybe next week? I hope next week!

Sorry I'm being such a wacko. Next post will hopefully be more collected and filled with comics!

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