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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Part 10B of The Relics!

Hey everybody!

The new Relics is finally online!

It's actually the second half of Chapter 10, so you may want to re-read the first half and just experience it as one piece.

I really wish I could've updated sooner, but I've literally never been busier in my life, and I'd rather take longer and have an end product I can be proud of then pump it out to keep the internet paying attention to me.

Thanks again to all of you who've stuck with me, even if that means just subscribing to the blog or staying in the Facebook group!

And since it's never too early to start planning for NEXT Halloween, here's some links to help you go as your favorite Relics character--




Madison (Harmony's roommate)!

(please do not actually buy these things)


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