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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Kitchen prose and gutter rhymes

My aunt Kevyn* was visiting from Virginia, so my mom drove her up here to Santa Cruz the Friday before last.

I was in kind of bitchy mood (aside from interpersonal problems, I have insomnia and two canker sores), so I doubt I was the best of hosts, but we had a pretty good time.

My mom and I played ping pong in the living room, which led to much hilarious flailing on her part.

I had to go to Nine and Ten, so we all walked there, and then we ate at that weird vegetarian Gelato-heavy oxyen bar-having Italian restaurant and messed around downtown.

A few weeks before leaving SLO my mom had bought me a Jethro Tull greatest hits cause she wanted me to hear it, and most of it I liked fine but wasn't crazy about (just kind of 60s rock with flutes), but I really liked one song, "Songs from the Wood", so I asked her if she'd buy me that CD, so we stopped at the shitty Discount Records store and bought it. I really like it a lot, and I wonder why no one listens to them anymore, unlike most popular bands from that era.
IM me and I'll send you some.

We hung out at Bookshop Santa Cruz for awhile, and I bought a shitty copy of The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari for $6, and then got Clash of the Titans at Borders with my gift card. The bus strike is still in effect, so I took full advantage of one of my few opportunities to shop downtown.

My aunt talked to the umbrella guy a bit (they were both wearing pink!) and watched the weird accordian guy. I was more impressed, as I always am, but the crazy giant homeless percussion band, which this time had a saxophone guy, making it much better. Lots of hippies danced around, and a couple waspy little kids who were too innocent to realize how out of place they were.

There was a huge party happening in the Greenpartment, and I didn't want to deal with that, so I stayed at Nikki's.

In the morning, my mom and Kevyn picked me up and we ate breakfast and Brasil, which is a pretty neat little restaurant.

Afterward, we returned to a Greenpartment filled with people playing Super Smash Brothers.

Quincy (not looking up): Hey Kane. Is that Nikki with you?
Me: No, it's my aunt.
Quincy: Hey Aunt Nikki.

Soon, they left back for San Luis. Jake and I played a game of Wacraft against Frank (we won!) and then I got a horrible migraine.
I turned off all the lights and listening to audio books for about an hour, and then I mostly felt better.

I called Erika, since I haven't seen her in awhile, and she said she wanted to hang out, but not til later. I watched The Simpsons with Frank, Kailey, Jake and Quincy for awhile (Frank bought the DVD of the season which has all the good ones) and around midnight I met Erika at Cafe Revolucion. I knew they'd be out of good things to drink, so I brought my own tea bags, which she soon saw the wisdom of.

Afterward we went back to her apartment and talked for awhile. She seems really happy in Santa Cruz, probably more so than me, really, and talking to her made me feel a lot better.
I showed her Quamran, which her lack of livejournal/AIM/etc has prevented her from seeing before now, and she played me a song she recorded.
It was really nice and I think I need to spend more time with her. It's still funny for me that she's living so close by.

Today absolutely nothing happened.
Tomorrow I have to write a paper on Singin' in the Rain, which I should have done today.
Life is pretty decent.

*My mom is named Shawn, their other sister is Colin. They're all about the questionably misspelled masculine names.


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