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Sunday, July 31, 2005

What a great, great day. Oh, no wait. What I did there was say the exact opposite of the truth.*

Last Sunday at work could be described in one word--awkward. I was awkward, the customers were awkward. It was just an awkward day. Then at the end I was enraged.

Incidents with customers

Incident 1: Employee tries to buy something from me. I didn't give her the employee discount.
Fault: Partially hers, because she didn't seem to understand the procedure to get said discount, but the fact that I didn't recognize her didn't help, and that's my fault. So, both.

Incident 2: A nerdy redhead girl with a Batman messenger bag buys a fantasy book declines to get a discount card, and then I forget to tell her how much said book costs, so we just kind of stare at each other for awhile.
Fault: Definitely mine. After I apologized, she jokingly accused me of being distracted by her beauty, but that's actually kind of what happened.

Incident 3: A guy buys a membership card from me, then returns it indignantly 20 minutes later because he didn't realize it costs money.
Fault: His, without a doubt. He claimed I didn't tell him how much it cost. Even if that was true (which I doubt), he had asked me how much he'd need to spend for it to be worth it, and I told him over $250. 10% of $250 is $25. It costs $25. Our conversation would not have made sense if he didn't have that information.

So far so goofy. By the end of this I was feeling embarrassed from the first to and defensive from the third. I took a desperately needed lunch break, with my dad at Pizza Solo, and then came back and relieved Susan from the front so I was by myself up there.

Incident 4: Things were pretty dead, so after 20 minutes or so I decided to go around the perimeter real quick and check on everything.
When I came back to the front, a woman in her fifties was waiting. I apologized for making her wait. She said, "You guys are all asleep tonight!" I explained why I'd been gone, and she nodded blankly. She then handed me a huge wad of books and told me she only wanted to buy one (a cheap paperback) and that I should put the rest on hold. She asked how long we hold things for. I said three days. She asked if that meant she could come on Wednesday night and pick it up. I said it's possible it would get reshelved in the afternoon. She glowered and said, "That's not really three days now, is it?" I said, "Well, sorry." She asked if I could make a special notation so that she could hold it for longer. I agreed.
I rang up her paperback. She paid with cash, I gave her correct change.
Just then, Susan came back. The woman called Susan over and demanded that she make the note for me because she didn't trust me. I reminded her that I said I was going to do it. Susan said she didn't mind, and I relented.
Then the woman decides that she wants to RETURN $10 THE BOOK SHE JUST BOUGHT SO SHE CAN IMMEDIATELY BUY IT AGAIN, with credit instead of with cash. I take the book back and slam it down on the counter. I call a manager to do the return (it's a complicated process).
The woman demands that someone other than me do this because she thinks I'm "too tired" to do a good job. Susan offers to do it for me and takes over my register. I stand there glaring at the woman. She's stopped paying attention to me entirely.
Even after all this, I want to make ammends. I tell her that the reason I told her about them reshelving books after three days isn't because I do it myself or approve of it but it is nonetheless what is done and I wanted her to be informed. She looks up at me with a blank stupid stare--totally oblivious to all the bitchiness she's responsible for, which I thought was very revealing--she wasn't just caught at a bad moment--SHE'S HABITUALLY HORRID TO EVERYONE SHE ENCOUNTERS.
Susan told me I should go take my last break (it was past time anyway). I grudgingly left.

I went to the cafe and ordered hot cocoa. I told Melissa, who works up there, about it, and she said if the woman came up there she'd fuck up her drink for me. I said she'd be easy to recognize, as she'd begin bitching again as soon as she got upstairs.

While I was sitting in the break room, sipping my cocoa and trying not to get too angry, Susan came in and told me that she didn't force me to break because I was incompetent, but because she didn't want me to go ballistic. While this is I suppose no less insulting, it's much more accurate. I told her it was fine.
And it was, though I still spent the next hour on the verge of tears and spontaneously cursing and had a hell of a time recovering.

Melissa's boyfriend ditched her, so she asked for a ride home to the Laguna area. She invited me to a bon fire which we be held at an indeterminate point this week, which could be fun.

But if that woman comes in again...
All the nerdy redheads in the world couldn't stop me from bringing on the pain!

*If anyone can figure out where that comes from, I'll owe them a soda.


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